bespoke hand lettered goods

Nothing cookie cutter here, I love making made-to-order pieces for my clients. I don’t have an Etsy shop or inventory of multiple items stashed away. Instead, I get really excited about hearing your unique vision and bringing it to life. Some of my favorite projects include watercolor lettered wedding vows, gold leaf lettering an address on a mailbox, and brush calligraphing lyrics to Christmas hymns on a silk ribbon. If you have an idea for a custom hand lettered piece, I’d love to hear! From something as simple as a name on a wooden plank to the craziest idea you can come up with, I would be honored to create something truly unique for you.

As each piece is custom, so is each price quote. If you’d like to work together, feel free to fill out this form and tell me a little bit about what you are thinking and I will be able to give you a quote.

custom wedding signage

You’ve seen them all over Pinterest- those beautifully written chalkboards and wood pallet signs that add so much character and detail to weddings. But if you’re thinking ‘how the heck am I supposed to find time to make these things, much less make them look good because I hate my handwriting,’ then I’m your girl! I got my start creating beautiful wedding signs for couples that want those personal details throughout their celebration but did not want to add yet another item on their long to-do list, or simply felt they did not have the skills needed to make quality signs.

I’ve done welcome signs, programs, seating charts, special quotes, sign in book instructions, dessert bar labels, escort cards, order of events, signature cocktails, and my personal favorite, (because I just love food), menus.

Bring me your own chalkboard, mirror, wooden pallet for me to letter on or you can rent from my friends at Cru Rentals! Ask for a custom quote here. 

creative workshop gatherings

Take the excitement of learning a new creative skill, a hand crafted atmosphere, and an evening of rest and inject it with the fun of girls night out and you've got one of our creative workshop gatherings!

I’ll let you in on a little secret.. you really don’t need good handwriting to create pretty hand lettered art. In fact, my real handwriting is almost unreadable! Come hang with me, and a group of about 16, and get your creative juices flowing!  If you have an upcoming wedding, bring your bride tribe and learn how to make all your own signage. Gift a seat to your mom or sister for a special outing together. Or even just sign yourself up and learn how to hand letter and create art that adds character to your home. Check out our current workshop options and snag a seat at the next one. I can’t wait to meet you!