Watercolor Calligraphy At Home


Watercolor Calligraphy At Home



Empower your inner artista for the sake of finding rest, for creating beauty, and just for FUN!

I’ve taken my signature in-person workshop and brought it to life online so you can learn this beautiful and fun art form from wherever you are comfiest. (For me, it’s in my jammies with a glass of bubbly!)

This course includes seven core lessons that will take you from rookie status to lettering pro AND a physical shipped workshop kit with every supply you need (plus a few bonus goodies!)

join today for just $79

What’s Covered

Lesson 1: Introduction

  • I'll welcome you to the course and share a little of my story with you.

  • I'll talk about all the supplies in your workshop kit so you know what you are working with.

  • You'll learn why I love watercolors and call this  "lazy girl painting."

Lesson 2: Watercolor Basics

  • I'll show you how to set up when you begin to paint, and how to get the perfect ratio of paint to water.

  • You'll learn how to create washes, gradient, different sized strokes, and shapes.

  •  I'll teach you the different application styles of watercolor painting, and how to blend your colors beautifully.

Lesson 3: Stroke Practice

  • I'll show you how to hold your paintbrush and orient your paper, depending on if you are a lefty or a righty!

  • You'll learn when to dip your brush to grab more paint and add it back smoothly.

  •  I'll teach you how to create contrasting thin and thick strokes that are signature to calligraphy.

  •  We will start with key shapes that will become the building blocks for our letterforms.

Lesson 4: Letterforms

  • Using the building blocks from lesson 3, we will begin to create our alphabet.

  • Instead of going alphabetically, we will paint alike letters together. While it will feel a bit out of order, this method will help us master the shapes!

  •  I'll demonstrate and explain each letter of the alphabet.

  •  You can paint along with me, or watch then pause the video to practice!

Lesson 5: Connecting Letters

  • I'll teach you my easy trick to string letters together to create words.

  • We will practice words together so you can watch examples in real time.

  •  I'll how you how to add paint when your brush dries out

  •  We will start with key shapes that will become the building blocks for our letterforms.

Lesson 6: Your Signature Style

  • You'll learn how to manipulate these letterforms to really infuse your own flair and personality.

  • I'll tell you the secret of how every calligrapher discovered and developed their signature style.

  •  We'll practice playing with variety and even blending colors within a word!

Lesson 7: Final Project

  • You'll learn how to lay out words for a well arranged design. 

  • Watch in real time as I show you how to paint two different art prints.

  • First art print: You Belong Here

  •  Second art print: Oh Happy Day!

BONUS LESSON: Whimsical Watercolor Rose

  • Watch and learn how I paint my signature loose roses.

  • I'll also teach you how to paint simple and easy leaves.

  • These are such a fun addition to embellish around words, or even just to paint a floral piece!


Are you ready for the best part?


Girl I know you don’t have time to go hunt down every single little thing I recommend using, so I’m sending you a workshop kit to play with and follow along with me.


Exclusive seven page workbook with:

  •  watercolor basics cheat sheet

  •  technical terms

  •  sample alphabets

  •  practice words

  •  key tips

  •  restock guide

High quality art supplies, including:

  •  hand squeezed palette featuring eight Winsor & Newton watercolor wells

  •  my two absolute favorite paintbrushes

  •  a huge pad of thick yummy watercolor paper

  •  black drafting pencil

  •  a few secret tools of the trade

Surpise bonus goodies

  •  a few special gifts that are exclusive to this workshop kit

  •  I can't give it all away now!

I'm setting you up to feel completely equipped, guided, and relaxed as you make time to explore your creativity!

All of this together is valued at $139, but since I sincerely believe in this workshop and want you to have it, I’m making it available for $79 for a limited time!

Just imagine spreading out with your workshop kit on your kitchen table. 

You can finally allow yourself to rest in a way that feels fun and refreshing without any guilt, because you deserve to be creatively equipped and encouraged.


Number one:

You will finish with a toolbox of knowledge (and literal toolkit of supplies!) to start your watercolor and brush calligraphy journey. Like, you’re totally gonna want to give all your people scripted watercolor paintings for Christmas and now everyone’s going to be asking you to write stuff for them! You’ll discover a love for calligraphy and can retreat to this art form anytime you want. Maybe you’ll even start your own business!

Number two:

The time you are gifting to yourself right now to be present and try something creative and new will bless and refresh your spirit. At the end of the day, if calligraphy was just a reason for you to rest and take some time for yourself, that is worth it to me. You are worth that.

Are you ready to make some margin to spend some Selah Time with me?

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?

Right away! As soon as you sign up, you'll be sent a link to my online classroom where you'll create a unique login. Your workshop kit will be sent out Priority Mail the day your purchase, so you'll have to wait just a few days for that, but you will have access to all the course content immediately!

Will I have lifetime access?

Of course! You have access to this course forever and ever and you can watch back through the video instruction as many times as you like! You will also have any updates that I might make to this course in the future! 

What if I already have watercolor supplies?

Whether you are currently using your kid's crayola watercolors or you have a full collection of professional supplies, I don't think anyone can ever have enough of what's included here! I send only high quality materials that I know you will LOVE!

My handwriting is not pretty, is there any hope for me?

If there is hope for me, there is hope for you! My real handwriting is sooo bad, like illegible. I'm not kidding. I am going to teach you how to set aside your regular muscle memory and paint a new set of shapes that will end up being your signature modern calligraphy!

What if I am a total rookie with all this? Do I need experience?

While I made sure to pack in as much valuable content as I could, I designed this workshop for complete beginners! In the video instruction, I break down every step to ensure you CAN do this!

Can I purchase this as a gift for a friend?

Yes! I think this is an AWESOME gift idea! I would suggest purchasing the course like normal so you can present them with the kit as something to unwrap! Email me to let me know and I can set them us as a student in the online classroom!


I can’t wait to encourage your inner artista and teach you my favorite way to rest! 

If you are a skimmer, here's what included in Watercolor Calligraphy At Home:

  • Just over an hour and a half of video instruction and demonstration by me

  • A workshop kit with ALL THE SUPPLIES!

  • Bonus lesson on how to paint a whimsical watercolor rose

  • Access to a private online community of everyone else taking this course and me!

  • Surprise gifts and goodies in the workshop kit!