5 FREE ways you can show yourself some love right now

Isn’t it kind of funny how “self care” became this buzz phrase overnight? Or is it just sad that so many of us do not prioritize our own basic needs that we had to create an official word for this foreign concept… and I mean I am the worst of them all. For being someone who is technically in the business of creating opportunities for women to practice self care, I am so guilty of neglecting to take care of myself. I would never let my daughters go until 2:00 without eating anything or drinking water, so why am I okay treating myself that way??

I have a goal to really shift my mindset and actions in this area this year. I know that I need to start nurturing myself better, because if I don’t, not only will I just not be able to hang in there for all the areas of my life that need my energy, but my kids will be shown an example I would never want them to follow, and I am not okay with that. So! In an attempt to make it super easy for this lazy girl to opt in to self care, I made a list of my 5 favorite ways that I have shown myself a little TLC that cost me zero dollars. Next time I’m feeling like a haggard hot mess, I’m gonna just grab this little guide and choose from the menu! I hope this makes it super easy for YOU to show yourself some love, too!

1.   Wash your face

Listen, Rachel Hollis was on to something because I tell you what- I always feel AMAZING after washing my face at night! And you may be thinking ‘Jordan, this is not revolutionary,’ but I have a horrible habit of being too tired or lazy at the end of the day to care enough about my skin. For real, I sleep with my full face of makeup and oily t-zone almost every night. Gross right! But for the past few weeks, I’ve actually been making the effort to wash my face. I kinda look forward to it now! I’ve framed it in my mind like a mini spa treatment. I get out my fluffy face towel, my favorite moisturizer, and new eye cream that my sister told me I need to start using. And then laying down on my pillow with my clean face-SO GOOD! Who knew?! So even though mama can’t go to the real spa all the time in this season, I can choose to create my own little spa-like moment and take care of the only face I’ll ever have.


2.   Take a bath

Get yourself in some hot water and soak a little. And not because you have to actually get clean because that takes the luxury feeling out of it. I’m talking make an appointment with your bathtub just for fun. Pour in extra bubbles and grab your favorite drink. Put on your favorite relaxing background music and DON’T have your phone within reach! Again- bring the spa into your own space. If you don’t have a bathtub, take a really long shower and just let the water roll down your back or feel it on your face. Bonus if you want to shave those legs- you’ll feel like a new woman!


3.   Get outside and feel the fresh air

And this is coming from someone who would identify as “indoorsy”. There’s just something about the good ole fashioned outside air that is refreshing and reviving. So load up the stroller and walk around the block. Eat a snack on the porch. Or just go stand outside while the kids watch Paw Patrol and breathe.


4.   Write yourself a love note

This exercise is something Amber Housley had us do at Inspired Retreat. She passed out cute little stationery cards and told us to write to our future selves-“ what would you want her to know?” Amber collected all those notes and said she would send them out to us in the future. I just received that note a few weeks ago, and it rang so true and made me cry! Next time I do this, I will tuck it into my planner somewhere random and when I open to that day, I’ll have a little encouragement to cheer me on! 


5.   Finish a project you started

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got an unpainted dresser in the garage, a bolt of fabric under the bed, a halfway decluttered closet, ingredients for a cake you wanted to bake, and approximately 27 books you started but never finished. Oh, just me?? Haha well maybe you aren’t as guilty as me, but I’m willing to bet there was something you were once excited about that got pushed to the side to allow for everything else to get done. I’m giving you permission right now to pick that project or book or idea back up and see it through! You were excited about it for a reason, and finishing something will give you such a sense of accomplishment!


Bonus: channel your inner artista

If you are looking for an option for rest that will fill up your creative spirit right to the brim, I gotchu covered.

Last fall, I took my signature in-person workshop and brought it to life online so more women could learn and fall in love with watercolor calligraphy! If you are curious, you can read more here about my heart behind teaching this beautiful art form and why I think it’s the perfect way to rest! This one isn’t free (which is why I listed it as bonus) but I do really think you’ll love it so I had to include it!


Self-care isn’t some luxury that we don’t have time for or cant afford, but it sure does feel like that most of the time! Let’s reclaim the idea that self-care is ESSENTIAL and can be simple and free and fun!



PS- what am I missing? Comment below your favorite easy ways you love yourself!