Adoption: Plan A for Baby Boy Boss

About two months ago, my family shared that we are expecting baby #3… through adoption! It has been such a fun summer for us, launching The Selah Shop as our first fundraiser and diving into our home study and paperwork. We have felt nothing but support from our friends and family and creative community, and for that I just want to shout THANK YOU!! With that support came some natural curiosity- why adoption? Clearly we have been able to grow our family biologically, so what is our motivation to adopt?

You ARE Creative

You ARE Creative

I love hearing what a wide range of seasons of life are represented at my workshops. Tired moms with toddlers at home, aching for a break from the noise. Overstimulated nursing students, looking for a relaxing way to pause. New empty nesters, hoping to find a new life-giving hobby.

Wives, moms, career gals, students, all sorts of walks of life.

But no matter the mix of people who gather at my workshops, I always, without fail, hear someone say “oh but I am so not creative.”